InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies » FINAL DEADLINE

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InShadow - International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies » FINAL DEADLINE

Hora: mayo 3, 2011 a las 1am a mayo 16, 2011 a las 12pm
Ubicación | Locação: Lisboa, Portugal
Calle | Rua: Rua São Domingos à Lapa nº8N 1200-835
Ciudad/Pueblo | Cidade: Lisboa
Página Web o mapa | Site ou Mapa: http://inshadowfestival.wordp…
Teléfono: (+351) 213932410
Tipo de evento: call, for, entries, //, videos, performances, installations
Organizado por: VOARTE
Últimas: 3 Ene | Jan 2013

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InShadow extends the call for entries for another 12 days, accepting applications of videos on the genres video-dance, video-performance, video-art, experimental video and/or creative documentary, as well as performances and installations.


Based on an original concept which links artistic areas submitted to the relation body-technology, InShadow promotes the intersection between the languages of video/cinema and dance/performance, exploring experimental narratives, techniques and aesthetics.

InShadow stands as a watchful  observatory to interdisciplinary contemporary creations, valuing the investigation, acquisition and sharing of experiences with and among creators.

InShadow’s 3rd edition will be held in the beggining of December, ranging a comprehensive program including shows, performances, audiovisual creations, installations, exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses.


Application » See regulations

 Send the entry form to: and printed and signed by post together with the DVD to

InShadow – 3rd International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies

Associação Vo’Arte | Rua São Domingos à Lapa, nº8N, 1200-835 Lisboa, Portugal


More info at:



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