workshop Mercedes Boronat / Baryshnicov Arts Center / New York

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workshop Mercedes Boronat / Baryshnicov Arts Center / New York

Hora: enero 13, 2010 a las 10am a enero 15, 2010 a las 3pm
Ubicación | Locação: Baryshnikov Arts Center / NY
Ciudad/Pueblo | Cidade: New York
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Tipo de evento: workshop
Organizado por: Mercedes Boronat
Últimas: 15 Ene | Jan 2010

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"THE ART OF MOVEMENT" is a workshop addressed to professional dancers, performers and actors who want to improve their ability to create and implement new techniques. It's about self-movement exploration, finding out how breath and rhythm go along with the movement of our body. The workshop makes us to connect with our centre, putting out our roots in land, flying and challenging gravity. Regaining the ability to feel and to communicate with ourselves and to the other around. Shows us the World comes from the truth of movement. Our work is about creativity, power to materialize our desires and improvement.

Classes meet: January 13,14,15, 10am to 2pm.
Place : Baryshnikov Arts Center / NEW YORK CITY.

Registration : / Deadline: December, 31st.

Mercedes Boronat is known in Europe by her contemporary concepts for art and movement. She has been working in a succeeded self-created methodology spread all over the Europe, and now starts her way in North and South America.


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