International Dance Summit YANAVICO DANZA SUR 2015 - Puno, Peru Dance, Body and Colonialism: Gaze and Questions”.

Encuentro Internacional YANAVICO DANZASUR 2015 - Puno, Perú. Cuerpo-Danza y Colonialidad. Miradas e Interrogantes

AN. Die "International Meeting YANAVICO DANZASUR" Body-Tanz und Kolonialität.

International Dance Summit YANAVICO DANZA SUR 2015 - Puno, Peru invites all dance companies, artists and performers to participate in its 10th edition that will be hosted in Puno (Peru) from November 31th to December 6rd. The theme for this year is “Dance, Body and Colonialism: Gaze and Questions”. 
This event has been created to show creations, experiences and discourses that face neo colonial political models, the dilemmas of post modern societies, the influence of questioning in creational and educational work of Latin American artists and also perspectives of social, cultural, political, geostrategic al perspectives in Latin American societies.
The colonialism of power, knowledge and being go through the bodies, processes of formation, selection and expositions of academic dances, from ethno genetics criteria to class or identity, and define the inclusion and exclusion of specific aesthetics.
Are we allowed to analyze critically the situation and physical, mental or political condition of bodies that dance? How do South American artists answer to or escape from hegemonic discourses? Do our bodies impregnated with colonialism have something to celebrate? 
This Summit looks to enhance intercultural, critical and inclusive identities as the foundation of a good living. 
“10th International Dance Summit “YANAVICO DANZA SUR” 
Hosted in Puno (Peru) 
2015 November 31 th to December 6 rd 
The International Dance yanavico South (EIDs), takes place on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru's folkloric capital and cradle of the Inca civilization, from November 31 th to December 6 rd 
-The International Dance yanavico South (EIDs), is thematicly self-governed and independent. Since 2005, it has various proposals for corporal aesthetics with different themes.
-Among its objectives are help to strengthen the visibility of the independent dance scene, with its aesthetic proposals. Promoting intercultural dialogue, cultural relationship with society and its impact on the political, economic, social and cultural development of the region of Puno
-In this release confirming its origin from "Encounter Theme". Focus their gaze to the aesthetic proposals to raise reflections or statements about pollution, indigenous peoples and public space. From dance and other performing arts aesthetic proposals (ballet, contemporary, butoh, body art forms, dance theater, physical theater, performance, dance video), converging to the topic convener of this release.
-The call is open to creators, performers from around the world and any nationality. Ability to communicate with Spanish-language (Spanish, portuguese spanish, Spanglish), and to develop self-managed and / or to approach public with no experience and / or proposals to the public space.
-The International Dance Yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, schedule its activities to a non experienced public and disadvantaged sectors, prioritizing presentations in public spaces, communities, schools, and organizations of peasants, women, popular kitchens, etc..
-Aesthetic proposals are primarily presented in open or unusual spaces, with natural light and having as main support the sound. The same sound as that is obtained by conventional means in our reality or limited solar energy. Therefore, the proposals must be designed or adapted to open spaces and small format. Technical staff must be covered jointly by members of other delegations with the intention of encouraging horizontal dialogue and teamwork.
-The International Dance Yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, promotes the development of workshops, discussions, lectures, master classes and dance video projections. The time will be determined as well as the themes according to the characteristics of Eids this year. During all activities there will be room for horizontal dialogue, and discussion of the professionals with the public.
-The International Dance yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, supports the self-management which need the selected delegations to perform the respective procedures to facilitate their coming to the city of Puno, by invitation protocol and the public statement of the criteria of selection.
- This call is not competitive, and safeguarding the freedom of its criteria, content and thematic it does not receive any type of internal or external funding, relying on local solidarity, local commitment and cooperation that generate those selected in their localities or countries of origin.
- The International Dance yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, is an independent event, so there are no financial incentives of any kind. It will be realized with the assitence of the participants and the local solidarity, including that of the creators who are invited.
- International Dance yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, is not only an artistic space, but also a cultural upheaval. It is promoted by yanavico House Workshop, a virtual space of civil cultural identity, which shares and collectivizes experiences to socialize expertise based on a popular praxis.
-Open to all the aesthetic proposals released prior to the time of the meeting.
-The duration of the work will preferably not be less than 30 minutes. The works will not necessarily part from a particular aesthetic, it could based on ritual, memory, postmodern or pure dance. But it should yes be related to the proposed theme of the International Dance Yanavico South (EIDs) 2015.
Interested applicants should send before the September 1, 2015:
-Request application expressing interest and subject to the criteria of the 2015 Eids
-Complete Dossier show. DVD recording, the entire work multizone in multizone system. Uncut and fixed pan shot, good lighting with the title of the piece and names of the interpreters.
Minimum 4-color photos (jpg format).
-Curriculum and identification, passport, postal address, email address, skype account creator and performers.
- Attach a critical view of the processes of production, creation, management and dissemination of dance and movement arts in your city, region or country. With an area of not less than two pages, Arial, size 12 double-spaced.
Correspondence should be addressed to:
Jesus Alegria Argomedo
International Meeting yanavico - DANZASUR 2015.
Jirón Deustua 792, PUNO - PERU.
-Selected proposals will be communicated directly via mail or mail. Within less than 30 days after receipt of your material. The deadline of your response is Ocotober 1 (on that date will be published the selection criteria).
- Given that the International Dance yanavico South (EIDs) 2015, is performed on 3800 to 5.000 meters above sea level, where the climatic conditions and the altitude could stress your physical or mental capacities, you are requested to have:
- a certificate of optimal state of physical and mental health.
- The transportation of the selected delegation from their place of origin to the city of Puno and vice versa, just as its internal transfer, is the responsability of each delegation. Moving scenic elements or materials will be provided by the creator (res) or artist (s). And they should be assembled and disassembled within a maximum of 15 minutes, avoiding difficult elements of installation and transportation.
-Optionally we will provide information regarding where to get a fair food in popular kitchens, made with nontransgenic, local products, and collective accommodation at reduced prices, according to our social and economic reality. Also provide access to tourist hotels where we can offer low budget rooms (from $ 12 a night).
-For those who could not afford such accommodation is the possibility of providing a blank spot where you leave your stuff and / or overnight providing some mattresses (bring sleeping bag).
-The organization reserves the right to determine the number of works to be selected, and the flexibility of any requirement or condition in cases warrant.
-Submitted materials, presentations and lectures file will remain in the archives of as the International Dance Yanavico South (EIDs) 2015. Just as the visual and audio visual records that participants generated, must leave a copy thereof. May be disclosed for cultural, not commercial aims.
-All participants are obliged to participate in all activities of the Meeting, as well as attending functions and disassembly dance performances.
Workshop-yanavico House reserves the right to withdraw from the planned activities and commitments of these bases and delegations of artists who do not meet the characteristics or attack the targets, infrastructure or other artist of the International Dance yanavico South (EIDs) 2015.
Thanking dissemination
Puno, from april 27, 2015
Yanavico House Workshop
Twitter: @ yanavico
Skype Account: yanavico
Phone: (0051) 951-57-21-28 / (0051) 9747 20381
Postal Addre nontransgenic ss: Jiron Deustua 792, Puno - Peru

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