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An HCG Diet Journey with PCOS

I am so much happy that I’m another HCG diet success story. I am currently taking my HCG Injections for obesity and I have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. My journey with PCOS PCOS is the most common disorder in women. I was diagnosed with this condition during my early 30s after I missed a … Continue reading An HCG Diet Journey with PCOS

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A Journey To Losing 21lbs

My name is Margarette and I love the HCG diet. This is not my first round, but I am so excited to be doing this. I know how difficult this diet can be, but with determination and the right motivation from the surrounding people, you will surely lose a lot of weight. I promise you … Continue reading A Journey To Losing 21lbs

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HCG Diet For 235lbs

Losing weight was not that easy. It takes commitment and determination to a better and healthier life. I hated my body and have tried to hide it in every way I could. I started wearing clothes that would hide my lumps and bumps. I hated how I looked at myself in the mirror. I have … Continue reading HCG Diet For 235lbs

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10 Years Younger

I am 46 years old, a mother of four children, and an entrepreneur. I run a business with my husband. Needless to say, my life was quite busy and somewhat stressful. I was constantly sluggish, exhausted, and sensitive. I felt like I could never handle everything on my plate. My eyes were puffy and my … Continue reading 10 Years Younger

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Watching My Waistline Grow

I was embarking on an incredible path during my college life. The hours were long, the workload overwhelming and the daily stress over tests, reports, and exams a great deal. I had to practically let other areas of my life take a major backseat to finish my study. I was growing weary from exhaustion as … Continue reading Watching My Waistline Grow

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