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Los contactos de Modul-dance

  • Laura Ruiz Mondragón
  • Nicolas Roses Ponce
  • Arantza Balentziaga
  • marina biondini
  • Costa Contemporánea
  • Fernando Martínez Agustoni
  • Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld
  • MOV-S
  • Pedro Jiménez Morrás
  • Coque Salcedo
  • Inês Jacques
  • Aníbal Zorrilla
  • Marila Velloso
  • rosa sanchez - alain baumann
  • Carlos Jaramillo Vega

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Blog de Modul-dance

Modul-dance facts and figures

Modul-dance ended in December 2014. We are pleased to share with you the hard facts and figures regarding the activities of this European cooperation project devoted to support the development of dance art artists.

20 partners

16 European countries

52 selected artists

44 research modules

120 residency modules

53 production modules

346 presentation modules

13 festivals

10 think tank

6 conferences

22 roadshow activities

20 film…


Publicado el marzo 2, 2015 a las 12:00pm

Modul-dance final book

After four-years-and-a-half of development, modul-dance arrives to its end. Twenty dancehouses from sixteen countries had the chance to cooperate in a project with the aim to support development, mobility and exchange among dance artists under the umbrella of the European Dancehouse Network.

We are very proud of the work developed in the framework of this project, an example of best practice based on the commitment and the sustainable cooperation of its partners and…


Publicado el marzo 1, 2015 a las 12:00pm

Modul-dance video documentary

We're glad to share with you all the documentary about modul-dance produced last November in the framework of the last modul-dance confence Conversations, that took place in Barcelona. The video contains an overview of the confererence as well as the modul-dance experience. Enjoy it!

Publicado el febrero 13, 2015 a las 11:30am

Modul-dance experience. By Lili M

Lili M How did the following aspects affected my work:


What has affected my work more than anything in modul-dance could be summed up with the word "tailoring".

As I have joined modul-dance a little less than 2 years ago my main topic (apart from my project proposal) was how to tailor this opportunity to my real needs. I suspect modul-dance as a supporting network is…


Publicado el diciembre 12, 2014 a las 11:17am

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