Brazilian Dance Technique 14 Days Workshop

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Brazilian Dance Technique 14 Days Workshop

Hora: noviembre 30, 2009 hasta noviembre 5, 2010
Ubicación | Locação: London
Calle | Rua: Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF
Ciudad/Pueblo | Cidade: London
Página Web o mapa | Site ou Mapa: http://www.purebrazildanethea…
Teléfono: 0845 1162 085
Tipo de evento: brazilian, dance, technique, 14, days, workshop
Organizado por: Afro-Classico
Últimas: 26 Nov 2009

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14 days Workshop

Afro-Classico Master Classes to Dance Teachers and Beginners

The Afro-Classico is a new technique created to facilitate people learning all style of Brazilian dance art form. The technique is very powerful as we define and explore the synergistic energy of the Afro-Brazilian Diaspora in detail. Participants will look into the fundamental components of present day dance, substantial conditioning, motion attributes and energy balance transfer.

The process includes intensive practical training, lectures and discussion.

Candonble, Capoeira show, Maculele, Samba de Roda,
Puxada de Rede
Samba Reggae, Maracatu

Practical sessions you will learning the technique as objective to growing language and trust, ability to collaborate and create together a better quality in the Brazilian dance art forma industry


To apply for participation, candidates should send a email to request your place in to the workshop or course dates you must send interest to For more information Get in touch! website
Tel: 0845 1162 085

Participation fee: £12 per day / £168 for 14 days
14 days workshop for 3 hours £140 if payment is made before January 30th.
(£120 if payment is made before December 31th).

Every Saturday & Sunday Morning 9am to 11am / Afternoon 4pm to 6pm / Evening 7pm to 9pm

Places are limited the registration will be closed
once the group is formed.
If you would like to know a little more information
Tel: 0845 1162 085


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