A co-production of Dansens Dage and Screen Moves, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This online screendance competition, hosted on funded by Dansens Dage and Nordea-fonden, aims to give screendance makers the opportunity to produce, through their lens, a one-minute online screendance video.

First Prize is €1500 and the runner up €500
Deadline: 15 March 2011 midnight



Go to the YouTube Channel to get some inspiration:

Here is a 60 second screendance work with 09 seconds intro. There are a few suggestions as to the notion of "place" - the city, the emotional, phenomenological/visceral, virtual, interactive, technological...places that move you! 

The entire video is then 69 seconds long.
Tags: and your title. No name on video, tags or in video description. Just email us those together with your name and cast list and all other docs. You may upload DV PAL or HD. 16:9 as well as 4:3

Upload your video to:

Then upload your link to:


Download all forms for the competition here:

Email docs to: Co-ordinator Jeannette Ginslov










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