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Interview with Lucy Suggate and Sònia Gómez

<p class="first">In 2012 MOM/ELVIVERO proposed Lucy Suggate and Sonia Gómez to collaborate in an artistic project. <em>Dance Pals</em> was the first phase of their work together within the Carte Blanche programme in the framework of the modul-dance project, invited by Dansehallerne (Copenhagen) and Graner (Barcelona). <em>The inquisitive middle</em> is a production of the TNT Festival (Terrassa), Sonia Gómez-Lucy Suggate and MOM/ELVIVERO. With the collaboration of Dansehallerne (Copenhagen), Graner and Sâlmon&lt; Festival (Barcelona). Lucy Suggate is supported by Arts Coucil of England.</p>
This interview was done by Graner during their Carte Blanche residency in Barcelona (April 2013).

More modul-dance videos on <a href="" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a>.

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